Aroma 4000

Aroma 4000Coffee for Your Business is proud to introduce the amazing Aroma 4000, an advanced, economical, commercial restaurant-sized machine, designed with high-volume convenience in mind.

The Aroma 4000 model is perfect for a multitude of applications: conventions, catering events, vending, convenience stores and more - where the preference is for 'no beans'. The Aroma 4000 delivers an amazing variety of hot specialty 100% real coffees and gourmet treats, similar to those found at fancy restaurants and espresso bars, but without the fuss and bother.

The Aroma 4000 is a compact, fully programmable, computerized super automatic specialty coffee machine, featuring a highly specialized delivery system that guarantees the exact amount of 100% real freeze-dried coffee for each variety of specialty coffee. In addition, the Aroma 4000 also dispenses flavorful non-coffee-based gourmet treats, including two variations of both hot chocolate and the highly popular Chai tea!

  • Uses 100% Real Coffee – Unlike many commercial grinderless coffee machines, the Aroma 4000 'Karma' style machine uses only 100% real coffee, rather than 'coffee flavoring', to make each delicious specialty treat. Using our gourmet-quality freeze-dried coffee, the Aroma 4000 does away with the need for a grinder, and without compromising on customer satisfaction!
  • Handles the 'Convenience' Crowd – Especially designed for large-scale commercial dispensing venues: catering events, conventions, vending applications, convenience stores and more - this machine is built to please any size crowd!
  • User Friendly – Anyone can operate the Aroma 4000 - with just push a button!
  • Computerized – Completely programmable to your specific needs, even the temperature!
  • Built-in Management Tools – Tracks quantity of items dispensed and allows for customized quality control.
  • Continuous Brewing Capability – Operates uninterrupted, with no recovery time necessary.
  • Always Ready for Use – Designed to be left ON all day, every day.
  • Super Fast and Easy – Each drink is completed within 15-30 seconds of the push of one button.
  • No Frothing Wand – Instantly froths and dispenses the milk directly into each cup!
  • Dependable Quality – Every cup is identical to the last one, every time.
  • Exceptional Flavor – Indistinguishable from brews made by the highly labor-intensive traditional machines.
  • Choice of Application – May be used as a vending machine, cashier-attended, or complimentary self-serve.
  • Fixed or Portable – Can be permanently placed on a countertop, temporarily on a table, or moved about on a rolling cart.
  • Adaptable to Water Source – Can be either connected to a permanent water line or to an independent water reservoir. Unlike many traditional machines, the Aroma works off a low-pressure delivery system that does away with the need for special plumbing!
  • Needs No Special Wiring – Plugs into any ordinary 110V outlet.
  • Low Maintenance – A few minutes daily guarantees many years of trouble-free service. Push one button to clean the machine and then simply refill the containers.
  • High Quality Construction – Built to uphold the most exacting ofstandards. All exterior  components are completely powder-coated for anti-rust protection.
  • Compact Size – Fits practically anywhere, measuring 17.5" wide, 22" deep (w/fittings) and 21.5" high - And NO coffee bean hopper!
  • Hot Water Dispenser – Any selection can be converted to a hot water button for tea, soup or other purposes, and is available 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Automatic Shutoff – Machine turns itself off if the water level goes too low.
  • No Messy Filter Baskets or Measuring Scoops - It just doesn't get any easier: this model uses 100% real freeze-dried coffee, which is stored in a refillable container. All the work is done for you!
  • High Profitability – Normal retail prices range around $3.00 to $4.00 each item, while actual cost are approximately 12¢ to 30¢.
  • Flexible Terms – May be purchased or leased. If it is leased, the buyout at the conclusionof the lease is $1.00, or the lease may be rolled-over for a new machine. Several other arrangements are available . Call us for details!
  • Excellent Customer Service – Comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty and 24/7 service support.

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