Aroma 5500

Aroma 5500The Aroma 5500 automatic espresso machine is simply unbelievable! No other automatic espresso machine can match its features, value and performance. The Aroma 5500 can handle any size crowd: large offices, catering events, and high-volume commercial venues, like stadiums and conventions.

Fabulous design, brushed chrome, unsurpassed quality - not only is the Aroma 5500 gorgeous, it delivers. Designed and built to the highest standards available, the Aroma 5500 automatic espresso machine can brew a variety of hot specialty coffees at amazing speed, without effort.

The Aroma 5500 automatically produces a rich smooth espresso just like you would find at Starbucks®, but without the expense and bother.

The Aroma 5500 is a fully programmable, computerized super automatic specialty coffee machine, featuring a volumetric coffee dosing system that guarantees the exact amount of coffee needed for each individual brew, from full-strength, honey-smooth espresso, to rich-bodied Italian Roast coffee, to the milder American-style Americano coffee.

In addition, the Aroma 5500 also dispenses several other delicious drinks, including Chai Tea and Hot Chocolate!

You will be delighted to discover that the technology behind the Aroma automatic espresso machine allows you to serve the finest specialty coffees available with just a push of a button. The cost of the various choices averages only 45 cents to 50 cents per 8-ounce serving. Cosidering normal retail prices, you can maintain a great return on your investment.

The Aroma 5500 Super Automatic Coffee Machine:

  • Freshly Grinds Real Espresso Beans − The perfect amount is ground fresh for every cup.
  • Adaptable to Water Source − Can be either connected to a permanent water line or to an independent water reservoir. Unlike many traditional machines, the Aroma automatic espresso machine works off a low- pressure delivery system that does away with the need for special plumbing!
  • Handles Any Size Crowd − No matter what the number - as fast as you can push the button and fill the cup - this automatic espresso machine will keep up with the demand!
  • Exceptional Flavor − Indistinguishable from brews made by the highly labor-intensive traditional machines.
  • Wide Range of Soluble Strengths − Satisfies even the most discriminating palates.
  • User Friendly − Anyone can operate the Aroma 5500 automatic espresso machine - with just the push of a button!
  • Computerized − Completely programmable to your specific needs, even the temperature.
  • Built-in Management Tools − Tracks quantity of items dispensed and allows for customized quality control.
  • Continuous Brewing Capability − Operates continuously uninterrupted, with no recovery time between servings necessary.
  • Always Ready for Use − Designed to be left ON all day, every day.
  • Super Fast and Easy − Each coffee is completed within 45 seconds of the push of one button.
  • No Frothing Wand − Instantly froths and dispenses the milk directly into each cup!
  • Dependable Quality − Every cup is identical to the last one, every time.
  • Choice of Application − May be used as a vending machine, cashier-attended, or complimentary self-serve.
  • Fixed or Portable − Can be permanently placed on a countertop, temporarily on a table, or moved about on a rolling cart.
  • Needs No Special Wiring − Plugs into any ordinary 110V outlet.
  • Low Maintenance − A few minutes daily guarantees many years of trouble-free service. Push one button to clean the machine and then simply refill the containers.
  • High Quality Construction − Built to uphold the most exacting of standards. All exterior components are brushed chrome or completely powder-coated for anti-rust protection.
  • Compact Size − Fits practically anywhere, measuring 20" wide, 24" deep (w/fittings) and 24" high (31" with external hopper attached).
  • Hot Water Dispenser − Any selection can be converted to a hot water button for tea, soup or other purposes, and is available 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Automatic Shutoff − Machine turns itself off if the water level goes too low.
  • No Messy Filter Baskets or Measuring Scoops − No fuss, no muss, the coffee beans are automatically ground and dosed to the perfect 8-gram puck size, in just the right amount for each selection. All the work is done for you!
  • High Profitability − Normal retail prices range around $2.00 to $4.00 each item, while actual cost are approximately 45¢ to 50¢.
  • Flexible Terms − May be purchased or rented. Several other arrangements are available. Call us for details!
  • Excellent Customer Service − Comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty and 24/7 service support.

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